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If you input steno symbol (fugo-data) from the steno-keyboard, the data will be transformed phonogram kana (kana-data). The kana is Japanese but it is difficult to read. Usually Japanese should be written by mixture of kanji and kana . Hayato-kun system has a peculiar dictionary (Hayato-dic) what is formatted by Japanese IME softwere. It will find appropriate word and output it. You might see correct Japanese or ridiculous Japanese.
In this system you can select a way whether realtime or one by one. In the case except that you do realtime all alone, you able to give correct sentences by adding several works, for instance, choosing homonym or also informing the gap of the sentence to PC. It means you can do similarly if you secure scopist.

Accuracy of realtime
We research into accuracy of realtime on 142 users in June 2001. We got the data that was 97% on average.
Especially CART(Communication Access Realtime Translation) for a lecture or a convention require superior accuracy that we select realtime by plural members. Almost the time lag is not many, it is functional enough.